The Story behind The MadrasiBong

Well, It was quite a story when we first met. Me, the Madrasi Tam-brahm-wild-child-foodie-blob and him, the food-crazed long-tongued suave Bong. It was not a oorga tachi mum combo or the Bengali chele and mishti science, but we clicked! For reasons unknown and this tiny weeny passion for good food that obsessed our lives. (No, we didn’t obsess about it. It did!)

So here we are detailing the finer parts of our food spirited possession, sharing with you (rather trying not to bore you down with) our experiments with food!

more to go on the OTHER side of the story . . . . .

the Madrasi

I am the Bong of the duet. The two authors of this blog were brought together by their love for good food. Not only does food matter to us, but we matter to food. I strictly believe that my taste buds are more evolved than other human beings. My co-author is a close competitor, however. Her love for aquatic life on the platter, and my astonished lip-smacking at the sight of poosnika halwa and hitherto unknown varieties of paruppu: these are the things that evolved into the idea of this blog. So, all the finicky foodies, come on in!



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One Comment on “The Story behind The MadrasiBong”

  1. shyak Says:

    truly a dream thali! πŸ™‚ but we shall see!
    and P.S.
    I wud like to see some appropriate food fusion certification from your respective state govt. recipe ministries!
    For sambhar and rasgulla sake, it’s our precious tummies we are talking about!

    Reply: hehe thank you . . . . wait and watch what we have to prepare . . . . πŸ™‚

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