A brief introduction to the Madrasi Bong

The Madrasi Bong, in spite of the sound of it, is not about weed clouds generated in the quintessential capital of Tamil Nadu. But ambiguity has been retained, you know, just in case . . . . .

The people in this blog are:

  1. The Madrasi is an enchanting Sorceress indulging in everything that the right brain has been made for.
  2. The Bong is a decent guy interested in everything under our dear old warm sun.

They have come together to deliver the finest that gastronomy can experience from their home states: Bengal and Tamil Nadu. A lot is common in the traditions of these two states. And certainly, a lot is common in the strongest tradition of all: FOOD !!!!

Coconut: raw and ripe, flesh and water. Banana: fruit (raw and ripe), flower, leaf and stem. Vegetables used in sweets and sweets used in vegetables. Chillies both red and green. Spices you have never heard of. Aromas you have never imagined and tongues watering in ways you had not expected!

That is what happens when the Madrasi and the Bong come together!

So, what exactly are we here for?


We have so eloquently blurted our little secret out in the open:

We Love Food !!!

Yes, that’s the issue. We love food and we are shamelessly exhibiting our taste buds’ lack of control when we see something yummy! But, but but but . . . .
There’s a layman’s love for food, and then there is the Madrasi Bong’s love for food. There is a difference between the two that is as vast as the missing link of Darwinian evolution.

People talk about chocolate truffles and flans and rasgulla and laddoo when they want to talk sweet. They talk about Schezwan and Mexican, Chettinadu and Andhra dishes when they talk hot. We are here to tell you that cuisines differ from district to district. The simplest legumes cooked in one home is different from that cooked by their neighbours because the families come from villages a hundred kilometers apart. For your favourite Lord’s sake, Tamil Nadu is more than the one district Chettinadu and Bengal is more than fish + rasgulla ! South Indian cuisine is not just idly and dosai and the roshogolla of Bengal is not the commonly known rasgulla!!

The Madrasi Bong is for those foodies who can smell the extra half-pinch of salt in their delicious curry, who can guess that the addition of a whee bit of garlic extract is going to sensationally improve an otherwise vapid dish.

The Madrasi Bong is for those foodies who matter to food !

We are going to share the most uncommon recipes from the east and south of India with you. We are going to tell you why the west of West Bengal eat differently from the east of West Bengal. We will show you how the southern southern India tastes somewhat unlike the northern southern India.


One Comment on “A brief introduction to the Madrasi Bong”

  1. rukmini banerjee Says:

    why was i not told about the existence of this site.i love that pic

    Reply: We were (actually, I (dada) was) waiting for the site to become a little better with better pictures (of us as well as food) ….. 🙂

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